No more trips to the bottle depot!

No more empty bottles taking up space in your home or garage. Recycle with Vecova and keep things simple.

We offer the most convenient solution and your donations directly support the services we provide to adults with disabilities.



Create a free account and you're automatically added to the pickup schedule.


Set up

We drop off your collection supplies so you can start right away. We'll give you a schedule so you know when to expect us again.



Leave your Vecova bags out by 8AM on scheduled pick-up days. We'll provide you with an estimate, replacement bags and an emailed receipt.


Tax Receipt

We will send you an annual tax receipt for your cumulative donations.

It's that simple.


Why Vecova Bottle Pick-up?

We focus on creating a simple and efficient experience for our Calgary residential and business clients. Sign-up online and we'll send you information on your pick-up schedule and drop off your bags.

Our regular, reliable and professional pick-up service ensures that bottles never pile up and that you can keep track of your collection and tax receipts easily. Together, we create social impact by employing persons with disabilities in an inclusive work place and by supporting Vecova’s programs and research.

Are You a Business?

We can provide a customized solution for you. If you have a high collection volume or limited space, we can increase your pick-up frequency and give you more options for collection bins, allowing you to run your business with with one less thing to worry about.

Contact Us

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